Integrating a Photo Booth into Your Marketing Strategy

Photo booths are a fantastic marketing tool with insane ROI.  Consumers are always looking for new & memorable ways to interact with the brands they love and for companies on the cutting edge of engaging them as clients.

Photo booths provide authentic experiences that break the ice and leave a lasting impression with the brands people love.


Lead Generation

A good photo booth includes the ability to collect data while maintaining a fun atmosphere for existing clients & break the ice with potential clients. Our booths can customize the data we collect to suit your needs including:

  • Name

  • Company

  • Phone number

  • E-mail

  • Guest feedback

All of this allows for easy follow up by referencing the fun that was had in your booth or at your event.



Brand Exposure

Express your brand’s youthful identity or generate a fun-loving youthful imprint for a new product!

The spontaneity of a photobooth can invite even your most reluctant clients to get involved & the easy adaptability of our booths make for a seamless integration to your events or exhibit booth.

Here is how:

  • Our traditional enclosed booth has the option of 360 degree branding for the enclosure
  • Our inflatable booths can be custom color and include you
    r branding inside & out
  •  We offer green screen logo backdrops or custom physical backdrops
  • Each photo strip can be customized to POP your brand
  • Our booths can live upload to your social media accounts complete with custom hashtag for you, driving traffic to
    your pages
  • Our booths provide guests the ability to post photos to their own social media accounts generating an average of 200 views per guest in addition to the printed impressions


Brand Loyalty

With an average of 50 impressions from the printed strips and 200 impressions from social media, your clients will both interact and  passively market  your brand through the photos for years to come.  Because of the nature of social media, The likelihood of being “remembered” spans a lifetime!

For more information on how PhotoBomb Utah can increase your corporate exposure & integrate into your marketing/exhibit strategy, give us a call or text  801-913-9858 or visit