How to Maximize Photo Booth Fun at Your Event

Photo booths in Utah and around the world have become a great way to enliven any event.  But most clients don’t take advantage of all of the ways a photo booth can enhance their parties. Here are a few tips.

Are You the Bathroom Attendant? a.k.a PLACEMENT

Photo booths can preserve your special moments for years to come, but only if guests USE it.  If you put your photo booth around a corner away from the action, expect your scrapbook to be empty.

Great Placement

Many people have replaced the traditional guest book with a photo book, which is a fantastic way to put faces to names. But just as your guest book isn’t traditional, your placement doesn’t need to be in traditional spot at the entrance.  Remember, many guests haven’t had a chance to settle in and get comfortable enough to take a photo at that point and it puts them on the spot. Taking a photo booth is a dynamic spur of the moment thing and should be a part of the fun.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Photo Booth with Proper Lighting

Lighting is key. Let your photo booth company know what the lighting situation will be for your event. Will there be overhead lighting? Is it a disco party?   Most higher end booths need a specific lighting to capture the best photos for you.  Communicating lighting changes will help Photo Bomb determine how to get the best photos throughout your entire event.



It’s in the Fine Print

Contracts can seem cut and dry and you may want to skim over the small print. DON’T! Aside from telling you what is expected of you as a client, photo booth contracts can vary greatly and can leave you in an event bind if you are not careful.  Look for cancellation policies, options for equipment malfunction, & policies about lighting, outdoor set up & children.  A good booth will plainly state what they will provide and what is expected of you.


Magnetic Photo Booth Strips!

We all want to throw THAT party, the one where you went home with the ultimate party favor, (aside from that gorgeous person you met) memories!  Photo Bomb Utah has all extras to make your event, THAT event. Our company provides numerous ways to ensure your day is one of those days  such as:

  • Custom photo strip designs that pop
  • Photo strip magnets
  • Custom hashtag tag printer to collect photos from other guests & display
  • Green screen backdrops
  • Custom  scrapbooks
  • Custom backdrops
  • Personalized messages when guests send to their e-mail or cell phones
  • Custom props & themed booths

Good photo booths have many ways to customize.   Always make sure to ask which of these can be used to integrate into your event theme!