How to Maximize Photo Booth Fun at Your Event

Photo booths in Utah and around the world have become a great way to enliven any event.  But most clients don’t take advantage of all of the ways a photo booth can enhance their parties. Here are a few tips….

Integrating a Photo Booth into Your Marketing Strategy

Photo booths are a fantastic marketing tool with insane ROI.  Consumers are always looking for new & memorable ways to interact with the brands they love and for companies on the cutting edge of engaging them as clients. Photo booths…

5 Hints for Hiring the Perfect Photo Booth

  Photo Booths are the latest addition to weddings and events of all types, large and small. They are a wonderfully unique upgrade to a guest register, allowing you to put faces with names and capture the candid moments you may…

The Luck of the Irish

Here are a few facts about St Patrick’s Day to amaze your friends: Erin Go Bragh translates to “Ireland Forever” St Patrick (387 – 461 AD) is the patron Saint of Ireland although he was born in Roman-Briton (now England). …

My Business Story

My business story We’re in the business of celebrating life's great moments. Posted by Photo Bomb Photobooth and Photography Services on Mittwoch, 2. März 2016