5 Hints for Hiring the Perfect Photo Booth


  Photo Booths are the latest addition to weddings and events of all types, large and small. They are a wonderfully unique upgrade to a guest register, allowing you to put faces with names and capture the candid moments you may never have seen otherwise. But with so many providers and different prices out there, how do you pick the best service for your important day? Not to worry, with these 5 tips, you will find the perfect booth to enhance your special event!

Here at Photo Bomb Utah, we want you to have the best experience possible, whether you book with us or not.

1. Don’t be Cheap! Be Thrifty!
It is important to look beyond dollar signs when picking a photo booth. As with many things, you will probably get exactly what you pay for. A good photo booth company will have several packages available for you and should be able to tailor to your budget and time. But be aware, photo booths require “hidden” time. Time to design several options for your photo strips, time to set up, tear down, drive to and from your event and hopefully time for an on-site consult before the event. Remember these things when looking at price and keep your expectations realistic.


2. People Matter!
Talk with someone at the photo booth company as well as the person who will be running your event. Make sure that beyond just being “professional”, that they are someone with whom you and your guests will connect. Someone who isn’t immediately engaging and warm should be a huge red flag. You want your guests to have fun and the photo booth attendant needs to ensure that. We’ve heard stories about attendants arriving in inappropriate attire, disappearing or worse RUDE photo booth attendants who didn’t know or care about the event, had no tolerance for children or “spirited” attendees and even refused to stay the contracted time.



3. Does this Backdrop Make Me Look Fat?
Is your event a Rustic Outdoor Wedding? Steampunk Halloween? Are you celebrating a Harry Potter Birthday? Then your photo booth should help tell the story. A good photo booth company should offer more than just a curtained area and one look for your pictures.
Green Screen is a great way to customize your booth. This backdrop lets you put your guests in a haunted wood, on a Hawaiian beach or even in front of your company’s logo!
Open -air booths are a great option for larger groups and can be as creative as you are. Barn doors, Victorian couches, LED lit inflatable booths, light and glitter curtains, and portrait walls where guests stand inside picture frames are all options we have offered for our clients. Make sure your booth is willing to be as creative as you are.

4. You Look Different Than Your Profile Pic!


There is little worse than expecting one thing and getting something completely different. Like clothing from China, photo booths can over promise and under deliver.  Make sure the design and lay out of your pictures are a priority. Because while what the booth looks like at your event is important, more important are the memories and the photos commemorating the day!

A good booth should be able to provide duplicate strips that are cut by the printer (not by a person with a paper cutter). But they should also be able to provide 2, 3 or 4 photos per strip as well as unlimited strips. A great booth will be able to provide the option of larger 4×6 photo layouts with as few or many pictures as you would like on them.

B&W 4x6 sample
Custom Designed Frameable Print

Another mark of a good booth company is background design. This is what is behind the pictures on the photo strips or card. A good company should be willing to take as much care with the background as with the “look” of their booth.  Rose ribbons, greenery and reclaimed wood backdrop with pop art lettering saying “The World Is Ending because We Finally Are Getting Hitched!” should not be a problem for a good company. Don’t let the photo booth tell you what you can choose from.

Customization is King! From the look of your booth to the type and quality of props and the design of the pictures, let alone the personality of the
person running the booth, a quality photo booth will work with you to integrate fully into your event. Make sure the photo booth company you chose fits your budget, your personality and your theme. Because your next event should be a BLAST!